Coinbase & Arbitration at the Supreme Court: Staying Litigation While Appealing a Denial of ADR

Podcast & Video,

CPR Institute presents a conversation analyzing the 2022-2023 U.S. Supreme Court term's recently decided arbitration case, Coinbase v. Bielski with Philip J. Loree Jr. of the Loree Law Firm, New York; Angela Downes who is University of North Texas-Dallas College of Law Professor of Practice and Assistant Director of Experiential Education; Richard Faulkner, a solo attorney-arbitrator-mediator in Dallas, and moderator Russ Bleemer, editor of CPR's Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation. 

Links to the case as well as supporting documents and the background discussed appear in a June 23 account of the Coinbase decision on CPR's blog, CPR Speaks, at See CPR Speaks on June 29 for a report on the arbitration-related Supreme Court case Yegiazaryan v. Smagin mentioned at the conclusion of this discussion.