CPR Employment Disputes Committee Webinar

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CPR Employment Disputes Committee Webinar

The CPR Employment Disputes Committee has published Arbitration and Mediation Model Procedures for the resolution of employment disputes ADR programs as well as studies of corporate employment ADR programs. Most recently, the Committee collaborated with the Scheinman Institute of Cornell University’s ILR School to gather in this volume a number of highly practical insights from a group of accomplished ADR practitioners, on the theme of “Cutting Edge Advances in Resolving Workplace Disputes.” These discussions foreshadow the next generation of corporate practices that should help to make workplace conflict management even more effective. The Employment Disputes Committee Webinar was presented on Monday, July 18, 2016. Joshua L. Ditelberg and Noah Finkel of Seyfarth Shaw discussed Lewis v. Epic Systems (7th Circuit), as well as a broader discussion of class arbitration.

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