CPR Releases Innovative Rule Set to Prevent Disputes Between Businesses

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New York, NY – The International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution (CPR),  a global non-profit organization that helps others manage conflict so that they might better pursue their purpose, has released a new set of rules that help companies prevent disputes with business partners.

The Dispute Prevention & Management Board rules were developed by a task force of CPR Institute members, who work on the frontlines of dispute resolution, management and prevention. These rules are intended for parties that want an accelerated, streamlined early dispute avoidance and mitigation process designed to result in consensual resolution of unanticipated issues and disputes, and, if unsuccessful, then the delivery of a decision within a short, speciļ¬ed period during the progress of a long-term commercial partnership.

“Our goal was to take the proven DRB process and develop provisions that could be used across industry sectors that encourages the avoidance of disputes but also provides for the possibility that not all disputes can be avoided. The Dispute Prevention & Management Rules provide the ideal mechanism to accomplish these goals,” said Helena Tavares Erickson, Acting CEO of CPR and staff liaison to the task force, referring to the Dispute Review Board (“DRB”) mechanism, which is already used successfully in construction disputes.

“Through its new Rules for Administered Dispute Prevention and Management Boards for Commercial Transactions (“DP&M Board Rules”), CPR is adding yet another powerful tool to its expansive ADR offerings for in-house counsel to use to accelerate the early identification, mitigation and avoidance of potential disputes in long-term commercial relationships and streamline the resolution of disputes that cannot be avoided,” said Duncan MacKay, Deputy General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer at Eversource Energy.

“CPR’s DP&M Board Rules provide a model, flexible process that will enable companies like mine to preserve our critical business relationships, particularly in large energy or infrastructure projects where meeting schedules and milestones are so important, by more quickly resolving—if not outright avoiding—budding disputes that might otherwise hinder the successful completion of projects on time and on budget through the timely engagement of project-informed and knowledgeable neutrals,” MacKay continued.

CPR will implement these new rules via CPR Dispute Resolution, CPR’s subsidiary, which provides leading-edge dispute management services. Parties interested in utilizing these processes can also request assistance from CPR Dispute Resolution in appointing neutrals to facilitate the process. CPR Dispute Resolution manages a panel of neutrals, who are specialized in dispute management processes and are familiar with the DP&M Board Rules.

To read the Dispute Prevention & Management Board rules, visit drs.cpradr.org/rules/specialty/dispute-prevention-and-management-board-rules.

For more information about CPR Dispute Resolution’s dispute prevention services, visit drs.cpradr.org/services/dispute-prevention-and-management.


Established in 1977, CPR is an independent nonprofit organization that promotes the prevention and resolution of conflict to better enable the pursuit of purpose through the CPR Institute and its subsidiary, CPR Dispute Resolution Services LLC.

The CPR Institute builds capacity for dispute prevention and resolution through the thought leadership of its diverse members – companies, leading mediators and arbitrators, law firms, individual practitioners, and academics – who share best practices and develop innovative tools for dispute management through committee discussions and projects, publications, education and training, and hosting events.

CPR Dispute Resolution is a boutique provider of leading-edge dispute management services – mediation, arbitration, custom appointing services, a panel of dispute prevention specialists, and more – that leverages resources generated by the CPR Institute. The case administrators are responsive, efficient, and detail oriented, and have extensive backgrounds in alternative dispute resolution (ADR). The Panel of Distinguished Neutrals is a carefully curated, diverse group of prominent, experienced subject matter and ADR professionals based in 35 countries. And CPR Dispute Resolution’s Complete Case platform, a holistic end-to-end digital environment designed for ADR, handles matters efficiently and securely. To learn more about CPR Dispute Resolution, visit drs.cpradr.org.

To learn more about CPR, visit cpradr.org.


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