CPR Signs Green Pledge in Support of Campaign for Greener Arbitrations

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New York, NY— The International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR), a global non-profit organization that manages conflict to enable purpose, is pleased to announce their support for the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations (CGA) by signing the Green Pledge to help reduce the carbon footprint of international arbitrations.

CPR harnesses the insights and experiences of its members to prevent and resolve business disputes through its think tank, the CPR Institute. CPR Dispute Resolution provides alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services – mediation, arbitration, early neutral evaluation, dispute prevention initiatives and more – through innovative and practical rules and procedures and through CPR’s Panel of Distinguished Neutrals.

Established in 2019 by Lucy Greenwood, an international arbitrator based in London, the ‘Green Pledge’ was created to minimize the impact of Greenwood’s arbitration practice on the environment. The initiative caught the attention of the wider arbitration community and Greenwood realized there was an opportunity to reduce the impact of waste and unnecessary travel that occurs with international arbitration and the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations was created.

The Campaign works with all relevant players to promote best practices in managing arbitrations in a sustainable way. By signing the Green Pledge, CPR, along with other arbitration institutions, arbitrators, law firms, hearing venues, third party funders, conference organizers, legal journalists, legal technology providers and corporate clients, are committing to follow the Green Pledge guiding principles to minimize the environmental impact of their business. Examples include utilizing videoconferencing technology when possible, traveling responsibly, minimizing printing, and working with suppliers who are committed to sustainable practices.

“We feel strongly that the Green Pledge reflects a worthy objective and that we all share responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. As an arbitral provider, we strive to work with our colleagues around the world in an environmentally-friendly manner,” said Allen Waxman, President and CEO of CPR. “By signing the Green Pledge, we are committing to continue our efforts to improve in this area.”

For more information about CPR, visit cpradr.org.

For more information on the Green Pledge please visit the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations.

Established in 1977, CPR is an independent nonprofit organization that promotes the prevention and resolution of conflict to better enable purpose.

The CPR Institute drives a global prevention and dispute resolution culture through the thought leadership of its diverse member companies, leading mediators and arbitrators, law firms, individual practitioners, and academics. It convenes Committees to share best practices and develop innovative tools. It connects thought leaders through global, regional and smaller events. It publishes a monthly journal on related topics and advocates for expanding the capacity for dispute prevention and resolution globally through a variety of initiatives.

CPR Dispute Resolution provides leading edge dispute management services – mediation, arbitration, early neutral evaluation, dispute review boards and others -- as well as training and education. It is uniquely positioned to resolve disputes by leveraging the resources generated by the leaders who participate in the CPR Institute. It has deep experience in dispute management, a deep bench on its global Panel of Distinguished Neutrals, and deep expertise across a variety of subject areas.

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