#SCOTUS Preview: The Limits of the Federal Arbitration Act's Exemption from ADR

CPR Speaks,

In anticipation of a January or February argument date, the CPR Institute has posted a new YouTube analysis of the U.S. Supreme Court’s so-far-only 2023-2024 arbitration case.

Available directly above, CPR’s YouTube channel, @CPRInstituteOnline presents an discussion of the Court’s sole current arbitration matter, Bissonnette v. LePage Bakeries Park St. LLC, on the Court’s docket at https://bit.ly/3S6ZYId.

The case marks a return by the Court to the limits of the Section 1 exemption from arbitration provided by the Federal Arbitration Act.  Does the act focus on the worker’s job duties, as the Court has previously suggested?  Or is there an industry requirement—that is, must the individual work in the transportation field to avoid arbitrating employment disputes?

Russ Bleemer, editor of CPR’s newsletter, Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation, moderates the panel, which returns to YouTube for its 11th session on ADR in the courts.  The panel includes:

  • Philip J. Loree Jr. of New York’s Loree Law Firm;

  • Angela Downes, University of North Texas-Dallas College of Law Professor of Practice and Assistant Director of Experiential Education, in Dallas, and

  • Richard Faulkner, a Dallas-based solo attorney-arbitrator-mediator.

Background on the Bissonnette case can be found here on the CPR Speaks blog at https://bit.ly/3Qo36y5.