Y-ADR Corporate Counsel Interview #1: Brittany Mouzourakis

Y-ADR Video Interviews,

CPR’s long-running Y-ADR group this week has kicked off a new Corporate Counsel Interview Series.

Click above and share the YouTube interview by Y-ADR member Elizabeth Chan, an associate in the London office of Three Crowns, who discusses in-house practice with Brittany Mouzourakis, Counsel-Litigation at General Motors Co. in Detroit.

CPR’s Young Leaders in Alternative Dispute Resolution educates the next generation of leaders on the full spectrum of dispute prevention and resolution mechanisms, and offers unique networking and professional development benefits to participants. Through periodic seminars and other initiatives, participants are introduced to CPR and gain an insider’s view into how CPR’s community of corporate counsel, law firm counsel, and other experts in the field are using dispute prevention and resolution techniques to manage conflict.

Y-ADR is open to the conflict prevention and resolution community–attorneys, professionals, academics and students–45 years old and younger, or those with less than 8 years of professional experience in international or domestic ADR practice or other areas of conflict prevention and resolution.

The Y-ADR Steering Committee is the leadership group for Y-ADR. The Committee is chaired by Ulyana Bardyn, counsel in the New York office of Eversheds Sutherland, and Jason Klingensmith, assistant general counsel at General Motors.

Interviewee Brittany Mouzourakis also serves on the Y-ADR Steering Committee.

In the Corporate Counsel Interview Series, in-house attorneys are asked to share their perspectives on dispute resolution mechanisms and their advice for young practitioners.

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