Y-ADR Spotlight Series – Interview Questions with Cherine Foty

Y-ADR Spotlight Series,

1. What has been a beneficial aspect of engaging with the CPR Institute for you personally or professionally?

1. What has been a beneficial aspect of engaging with the CPR Institute for you personally or professionally?

When I transitioned back to the United States after having been based in Paris for 11 years, I was encouraged to join the CPR Y-ADR Steering Committee.  It was an excellent recommendation, as I have met a wonderful set of U.S.-based practitioners, in-house counsel, and arbitrators while maintaining connections with those based in European jurisdictions.  After nearly three years on the Steering Committee, I have had the chance to engage with CPR through programming, networking, and participating in innovative new initiatives such as a recently formed Sustainability Working Group.

2. What is one piece of advice you would give to somebody who wanted to pursue a career in ADR?

A legal career is long.  There is no need to be in a rush.  If opportunities don’t present themselves, create your own opportunities.  Don’t be afraid to be creative.  ADR is well-suited to innovation.  Be bold in suggesting new approaches, yet humble enough to learn from those who come before you. 

 3. What or who has been inspiring to you during your career in ADR?

I have been inspired by the many women (and men) that have maintained arbitration superstar status while balancing parenting or other personal interests.  I have been fortunate to have had a number of these women as mentors.  The number of endeavors and sophistication of the accomplishments they are able to achieve never ceases to amaze me.  I have worked hard to follow in their footsteps in all that I do and continue to take inspiration from their guidance at various stages in my career.

4. Is there a moment in your career that you are most proud of?

When I handled a case as lead counsel before a sole arbitrator and first engaged in oral argument and cross-examination in French.

5. What personal characteristics are most beneficial to you in your career?

Consistency, hard work, creativity, humility, the ability to create meaningful connections with others.

    6. What is your favorite ADR process to practice?

    Although my practice is focused primarily on international arbitration, as a member of my firm’s ESG and Business and Human Rights and ESG practices, I have had a consistent caseload of other types of ADR.  I regularly advise clients on a diverse range of non-judicial disputes involving issues of human rights and environmental due diligence, global supply chains, and investor obligations. I very much enjoy this work as it strays from a traditional adversarial approach.  I have to think creatively in assisting companies to navigate the complex interplay between civil liability, reputational risk, external stakeholder engagement, greenwashing allegations, and shareholder claims.

    7. Describe your perfect Friday night in 5 words or less.

    Family movie night with kids.