Annual Meeting 2023 | Panel 3

Podcast & Video,
Getting to the Point: What are the "Best Practices" in US Domestic and International Arbitration That Help Resolve Disputes Expediently and Should More of Each Be Done in the Other?

Jessica Beess Und Chrostin, King & Spalding

Jon Landy, Williams & Connolly, Partner
Grant L. Kim, LimNexus LLP, Partner
Eugene Silva, Exxon Mobil Corporation, Senior Counsel

This panel discussed (a) the procedural tools available to resolve issues quickly (before hearing the merits of the dispute) (i.e., bifurcation, early determination, security for costs, emergency arbitration, provisional measures, truncated procedural timetables and page limits, etc.) and (b) the best practices in the merits hearing portion of an arbitration (such as use of witness statements, narrowly tailored document discovery, and the absence of depositions) and whether these should be more commonly used in US domestic arbitrations to increase the efficiency and quality of the proceedings.