Annual Meeting 2023 | Panel 4

Podcast & Video,
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Mock Arbitrations: Pros, Cons, and International Applications

Alison Wong, Salmons Consulting, Litigation Consultant

Sashe Dimitroff, Baker Hostetler, Partner
Alberto Ravell, ConocoPhillips Company, Managing Counsel, Commercial & Environmental Litigation
Elizabeth Ray, Judge Elizabeth Ray Arbitrations/Mediations, Founder
Dr. Donald Vinson, Vinson & Company, Chairman

Increasingly, arbitration practitioners are using mock arbitrations as a valuable tool to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a party’s position and develop an effective way to present their case in the real arbitration. This panel--which included practioners, a jurist, and a consulting expert-- discussed experiences, pros/cons of the practice, reasons for employing mock arbitrations, and whether the use of mock arbitrations should be expanded beyond the U.S. 

Panelists also discussed how key concepts from psychology, sociology, and communication science can be productively applied to the art of persuasion in international dispute resolution, including whether effective communication skills can be acquired and enhanced by the use of mock arbitrations.